About Our Club


Essex Toastmasters is one club out of the 15,400 clubs that are a part of the Toastmasters International organization. Our friendly and diverse group of members offer abundant support and encouragement. We are an open community club that welcomes anyone who wants to face their fear of public speaking, try their best, and strive to reach their goals. Our members come from all different backgrounds, which means the speech topics are always interesting and informative.


Meet the 2022-2023 Club Officers


Every June, members are elected to serve on the club's executive board, which is comprised of the following officers: President, VP of Education, VP of Membership, VP of Public Relations, Treasurer, Secretary and Sergeant at Arms. Serving as a club officer is a great opportunity to aid in the club's success and gain valuable hands-on leadership experience.

Karl Hughes, PM1




As President of the club, I am responsible for fulfilling the mission of the club, presiding at club and executive committee meetings, and supervising the operation of the club. I am proud to lead an organization that is empowering our members to find their voice and become leaders.

Maurice Lyle, SR1

VP of Education


As Vice President of Education, I am responsible for planning, organizing, and directing a club program which meets the educational needs of the individual members.  I look forward to helping you discover the amazing things you are capable of!

Kelly Atkinson, PM1

VP of Public Relations


As VP of Public Relations, I am responsible for coordinating an active public relations and publicity program. This includes promoting our club through various forms of media, activities and events to raise awareness and get the word out.

Aileen Walter, SR3, DTM

VP of Membership


The Vice President of Membership is responsible for planning, organizing and directing a program that ensures individual member retention and growth in club individual membership.

Caroline Kane



As Secretary, I am the club's primary note-taker and record keeper. I am responsible for managing the club files, handling club correspondence, archiving meeting agendas and taking the minutes during club officer meetings.

Gebrina Roberts



As Treasurer, I am responsible for club financial policies, procedures, and controls. With the approval of the club, I receive and disburse funds; pay to Toastmasters International all financial obligations of this club as they come due, and keep an accurate account of all transactions.

V. Madan, PM2

Sergeant at Arms


As Sergeant at Arms, I am responsible for club property management, meeting room preparation, and hospitality.

Cheryl Erenberg, PM2

Immediate Past President



As Immediate Past President, I help out where ever I am needed.