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Use the Best Light and Smile for the Camera

Lights, camera, action, welcome to virtual meetings. Listed are a few tips to help you appear your best in the land of Zoom and other forms of meeting on camera.


1. Make sure you are correctly light your surroundings.

2. Place lamps or lights in front of you or sit in front of a bright window.

3. Open your application early and determine the spot that shows the least amount of shadow on your face.

Camera Placement

1. Place your camera at eye level or above do not look down into the screen.

2. Use a tripod or stand to hold phones.

3. Sturdy boxes of books can support your raised laptop.

4. Try to eliminate clutter from the view of audiences.

5. Remember, others can tell when you are or are not engaged.


1. Learn how to mute and unmute yourself when conversing.

2. Muting will eliminate background noises (the zoom controller will usually do this). If you want to speak, unmute.


1. You can communicate with one individual or the whole group by using chat.

2. To save files use the chat, it will load to your hard drive

Screen Share

1. When using slides or sharing documents from your computer, use the share screen button.

2. The zoom controller will grant you access, notify them before your speech.


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